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Monday, 26 October 2015

Penang Lim Jetty

Featuring [Penang Chew Jetty], [Penang Tan Jetty], [Penang Lee Jetty] and [Penang Mixed Clan Jetty]. I was really excited when I walked into Lim jetty. I never knew it was there, just beside the bus terminal so I walked past it to Chew jetty at the first place. As I walked back to the bus terminal, I accidentally discovered this Lim jetty. With pride, Lim Yun Sing stepped into the jetty. (drumroll) lol hahaha

I think I took the most picture there. So, again, let pictures tell the story.

Lim jetty :)

It has a beautiful scenery, though :D

You can see a lot of things from this jetty as it is the nearest to everything xD

This thing really did attract me when I first walked into the jetty.

They have weird plants I've not seen. Or should I say that I am a noob when it comes to plants? xD

Well, unlike the other jetties, this jetty is quite quiet. When I walked in, I don't see a single human. I don't know, maybe the Lims like to sleep in and wake up after sunrise, who knows.. Everywhere I walked, I saw banners.. name card printing, call Mr. Lim.. boat ride, call Mr Lim.. This, call Mr. Lim.. That, call Mr. Lim.. and I was like, practically everyone here is Mr. Lim xD

Then, Ms. Lim would need to rush and leave as she needs to attend art class at 10.30am so she charged for the bus terminal instead. The end of jetty tour story :D More coming up, stay tuned ;)

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