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Sunday, 4 October 2015

What is in the Bag?

Well, uh.. this is just for fun. This entry will tell you what is actually in my school bag.

Ya, uh.. this is the bag :) The yellow and blue body glove with only two compartments.

The main compartment shows the soprano recorder I've been bringing everywhere. There is an umbrella and two long rulers for school use. And, uh.. silver polish and polishing cloth. Wut? Yes.. for the instrument ^^

Missing: Pencil case and food. There was once a teacher asked me, "Yun Sing.. your friends told me that in that bag, there is no books, only food. Then I saw your bag. It is full of food. Didn't you bring any books to school?" I'm like hehehee.. live to eat and eat to live :3

The smaller compartment. There will be what I call basic necessities, the purse and keys.

I know this is totally random but ya :) What is in your bag? Do share in the comment below ^^

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