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Monday, 5 October 2015

Penang Lee Jetty

Back to Penang. Hehe.. Have you read [Penang Chew Jetty] and [Penang Tan Jetty]? Yeah.. so this is Penang Lee Jetty. Right after Penang Tan Jetty.

The entrance

These are the two uncles that were talking about the fish they caught or something when we came. When we were leaving, they said in Hokkien "The girls go already." Lol.. practically 'cha bor' xD

Sea view. But the thing is no more sun rise, after visiting two other jetties and had breakfast..

Penang Lee Jetty :)

The Lee Jetty:-

Housed the people of the Lee clan, who migrated from the village of Dui Shan Chan, in Tong Aun district, Quanzhou Prefecture, in Fujian Province, China, during the 19th century.

It is located in between the Tan Jetty and the Mixed Clan Jetty.


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    1. Ye, lebih kurang begitu la.. Dia macam Chew Jetty juga tapi dia tak sebesar dan seaktif Chew Jetty..