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Friday, 25 September 2015

Penang Tan Jetty

As in the previous entry, Penang Chew Jetty, this is Penang Tan Jetty, the jetty next to Chew jetty. I have nothing much to talk about this jetty so let's just let picture tell the story :) This jetty is somehow smaller than the first one I visited. This is because the Chew Jetty is the biggest clan jetty.

Here we go, Tan Jetty!!

Just like Chew Jetty, we can watch the beautiful sunrise from this jetty as well..

Just look at how big the Chew Jetty is!

Sunlight :) Day light :)

The view of Chew Jetty from Tan Jetty

I as well googled this jetty is:-

- Houses people of the Tan clan whose forefathers were Chinese immigrants who came from the village of Bing Zhou She, in Tong Aun District, Quan Zhou Prefecture, Fujian Province, China
- Created to house the coolies who were unable to afford living quarters on dry land, much of which is already owned by the Europeans or the Chinese towkays.

After a long journey (nah), we walked out of the jetty and as we continued walking, we found a kopitiam located in between Tan Jetty and Lee Jetty so we decided to stop by and have our breakfast.

Bandung with kuey teow th'ng

I don't know about you guys reading this, but for me the food here is quite delicious. It reminds me of my childhood where I followed my parents to kopitiam and they made me have these food although I used to hate them. What I ate was only Hokkien Mee. Now I start to love these food, they are delicious. The woman who took our order is friendly :) I will definitely love to eat there again! Do drop by and try ^^

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