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Friday, 28 August 2015

Penang Chew Jetty

It has been a while since I visited places in Penang. One day I needed to meet a person at one of the food stall to collect a book. So, I was forced to go to the jetty. As I walked, I realized there were actually jetties - Chew Jetty, Tan Jetty and more.. I decided to go back again.

This fine Sunday morning I travel by Rapid bus to the jetty bus terminal. I walked to my left side once I walked out of the bus terminal. I kept on going until I saw this Chew jetty. I thought it was the first one but I actually missed some of the jetties.

I was at the Chew Jetty before and it was really cool. The people who lives there in their old wooden houses on water with just wooden planks, every single house sells something. I bought a keychain with my surname - Lim. They sell other stuffs like ice-cream, too!

It was before.. I went like 11 something in the morning. This time it is 7.30, where everyone just woke up. You feel the awkwardness when you walked pass their houses. Its like villagers and suddenly an alien walked into the village. People just woke up, an aunty going to the market, an uncle driving his motorbike home, another man getting ready to start his business, a little girl running around the house and two older men talking to each other.

You hear their conversation in Hokkien which sounded like "I woke up late." "Yesterday it was (something3)" "Last morning I woke up early and it was a lot.. today late already, it is lesser." "People start to come in dy." (Which I think they were talking about me..) I walked until the end of the jetty and yeah.. I saw a group of teenagers coming to take photo at Chew Jetty early in the morning, just like me.

I heard them accusing each other for waking up late. "You woke up late." "Hello, I wake up at 7am" "6.30am I woke up dy.." And I'm like.. I woke up at 5.30 just now.. I just looked at them taking pictures of the sunrise when I realized I'd forgotten my camera. Haiz... Let's use the phone to take some photos then..

The end.. I've walked pass all the people's houses. Now I reached the temple. (Even I wondered why I did not take the picture of the temple instead but the picture of the view from the temple -,-)

Sunrise <3 I realize the need to take this when I looked at the group of teenagers zooming away, focusing at the sun with their DSLR camera.

There you go, the temple :)

Sunrise.. boats.. jetty.. housing.. people.. Mr, Mrs, Miss Chews

Leaving the village, this is the I don't know what.. I think it is a temple.. which is located at the entrance of the jetty..

The Chew Jetty Kongsi

Chew Jetty :)

I walked out of the jetty, stopped and googled about this place. Let's read about it! ^^

- The biggest of the waterfront settlements in George Town
- Created in the middle of the 19th Century
- The only clan jetty left that continues to have observe the once a year annual worship of its Temple Deity and the Jade Emperor (Thnee Kong, or "god of the skies")
- Consists of a community that has existed for over a hundred years, suspended in time above the tide lines
- Consist of seven sets of wooden piers
- Home to one of the seven clans who migrated from China: the Lims, Chews, Tans, Lees, Yeohs, Koays and one mixed jetty.

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