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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mama-Miya Coconut IceCream @ Georgetown Penang

Last month's story. I went food hunting in Penang art street with blogger Kak Nina and her officemate, Kak Yani. You may want to read the story in my other blog, [Jalan-jalan cari pasal] or read the Malay version of this review at [Mama-Miya Coconut IceCream @ Georgetown Penang]

Ok we shall start. Have you heard of Mama-Miya Coconut Ice Cream? Tried? Yesh, I know right.. you always want more ^^ Nope? What is that? Continue reading..

Thanks for the pose bro.. I'm sorry could not retake the as I was really rushing. This is the stall.. hmm, it was kinda hard to look for the stall but finally we found it :')

Tadaa! This is the coconut ice cream. It was delicious! Only RM7.00! Together with the drink ^^" There was pineapple, corn, jelly, peanut and uh.. seriously attractive combination, together with the ice cream, of course. You would want to gulp it up, trust me, especially on a sunny day.

It was so delicious, I choose to sit and finish it up to joining them with their photoshoot x'D Well, while I ate, I took a photo of some "tourists" photoshooting on the bridge.., hmm.. ok kidding haha

Wanna try the Mama-Miya Coconut Ice Cream?

Trust me, you would not regret :)

Address: 143, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10300 Pulau Pinang

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