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Monday, 7 September 2015

UPSR tomorrow..

Time passes so quickly. I feel like it was just last month I took UPSR, it was just last week I entered secondary school.. it was just yesterday I took PT3.. just in a few blink, here I am, in September, sitting in a form 4 class, eating so much to prevent myself from falling asleep like nobody's business.

But, guess what, tomorrow is the UPSR examination! Since I left my primary school until today, I've known quite a few brothers and sisters who are now in Primary 6. Friends' siblings, juniors from SK Batu Lanchang, 'adik-adik' (younger brothers and sisters) from SJK (C) Chong Cheng that I've met during the exchange programme (especially my "女儿" ("daughter") xD, neighbours, sons and daughters of my parents' friends, to name a few (actually quite a lot).

Today, whether I did mention you just now or not, whether I know you or not, even if you are a stranger or even I don't even know who you are or you actually existed, practically everyone, who will be taking the exam tomorrow. Good luck for your exam. Do your best and leave no regret. Whether your result will come flying with rainbow colours, tumbling down the hill and hit you, flowing away together with river water or whatever form it will come to you, don't think of it now.. Think of it on the result day. Haha.

Whatever it is, I wish everyone of you all the best, good luck! 加油! Gambateh! You can do it! Wait for my SPM next year T_T haha huhu.. lol~

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