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Friday, 4 September 2015

Random story out of nowhere

As a formal form 4 student who is in science stream, I always have this problem with the Chemistry. Not only me and the subject Chemistry have no chemistry, but same goes to me with the teachers. The first day I step into the class I have a feeling that I will have this problem with the teacher. She taught me Maths in form 1. She was like "Yun Sing this class argh?" and gave some reaction as like she is very unlucky to have me in the class she is teaching.

This teacher likes to ask questions the day after she finishes a subtopic, which is a very good thing to do to make sure the students are aware of what is going on in the class. I will always be the last person standing in the class for not being able to answer her questions. Last one standing. Not good. I need to change but how?

Then there's it. She's on her maternity leave. We've got this new teacher, like really new, very young.. just 3 years older than us. But she was super good. The thing is she is really energized and teaches really fast in class. It's ok, we can understand what she was actually teaching. And she gave a lot of homework, too. One month, Then, we never see her again.

Poof! There'll be another teacher. Ok, we're not surprised. Waiting.. POOF! A man walked into the class. The first impression given was, "he is too weird!! I cannot!! x"D" Yeah.. practically it's like that. Every time he taught in front we will be giggling, he acted really weird and that's cute and funny.. He's like a mystery. When he first came, he don't even introduce himself. I got to know his name only when the lab assistant called him.

When other teachers asked, who teaches you Chemistry now? We'll be like.. "hmm.. the new teacher.. err.. *describe* *describe* *describe*" The teachers will be like "ooo.. him.." I always thought he is someone different and yeah.. poof! Today's the last day of him teaching us. Our teacher will be coming back tomorrow from her long holiday. He didn't actually taught us today. He gave us some talk. Inspirational talk. Yeah.. Bingo! I said so he is different.

Everyone was inspired and yeah.. bye bye~ To me he is still weird -_- Somehow.. It's ok.. I've seen a lot of weird people in my life. I, myself is weird, I think. Practically everyone is weird. Ok.., deep! You seldom find a girl who will actually go to people's house and talks to herself, then say "Stop talking to yourself. If not, the people in the house will be like, there's a weird girl talking to herself in my house!"

That's all the random life story for today. Bye xD

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