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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Proud of you

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On the 29th of August, two of the students from my school, St. George's Girls' School, competed in the Anchor Idol finals in the English category. Was quite upset I could not attend to support them but they did really well. My senior, Sheree Tan emerged as champion, following the footstep of our senior, who was the champion for last year's Anchor Idol. Despite having SPM Trial, she still did her best in the competition. Congrats, you made the school proud. Continue pursuing your dream to become a broadcaster. We will all support you :)

Rashveen Kaur, a form 4 student in my school whom I don't even know existed in my school, to be honest with you. I'm sorry, didn't actually know everyone who is same form as me in school. I thought she was actually from CGL when I first saw her in the training workshop. Congrats upon winning the third prize in the Anchor Idol competition. Proud of you :) Finally know you. You should really talk more in school, man! I don't even see you in school.

Proud of you guys :) Was quite sad that I could not join you in the battle. Was stuck in semi-final. I can try again next year~ Well, I couldn't attend to watch because I was involved in the 'Pertandingan Literasi Sains dan Teknologi 2015' in RECSAM. Our school have got consolation prize. Anyway, go SGGS! Once a Georgian, Forever a Georgian ^^

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