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Monday, 31 August 2015

Inside Out

Yesterday, my friends and I hangout at Gurney Plaza. The main objective of going out that day is to watch Inside Out. We all agreed to watch it at 2.45P</ On that very day I discovered that there are people who actually doesn't know where the cinema is. We went out to bring my friend in. It was like, 2.43PM? And this girl actually ran to the cinema, insisting that she doesn't want to miss the first part. Three of us actually ran to the cinema. Yes, like seriously xD

It took forever to reach the cinema, with human jam, with a bagpack, with the big plaza. We finally reached the cinema. We went in without getting ourselves some popcorn. (Sigh)

We sat in the cinema like.. this is the first time I sweat in a cinema, with no popcorn. And guess what we ran for.., advertisement -_- Told her that there'll be 15 minutes of advertisement but she kept on running. Let me list down what she had missed. Nescafe, Mc Donalds, KFC.. (facepalm).. Well, cut the crap.. the movie was really awesome.

Introducing you these cute little personified emotions






They are shoo cute <3

The movie takes place in the head of this girl, Riley Andersen. Everything is really under control since the very beginning. The five personified emotions work in the headquarters. The headquarters is where the memories are played, the core memories which form islands- which is Riley's personality. When anything goes wrong, Joy will handle them. Riley's life is kinda perfect, I could say. A loving family, great friends and fun. Riley is really good in playing hockey. One day, the family just moved away (might be due to financial problem cause the dad kept on talking on the phone about work). Then, there's Riley's first day of school in the new place.

Joy wanted it to be a nice day for Riley. The teacher asked her to introduce herself. Sadness touched one of the memories. Riley started crying. Joy and Sadness fought over the memory when they accidentally entered the tube which brings all the memory to the islands, out of the headquarters. Joy and Sadness both are thrown out. Joy tries her best to save all the core memories. Sadness showed the way back.

Sadness is shoooo cute xD She's exactly like me, I could say.. LOL. Things kept on going wrong. The two had gone through a lot of things. The islands fell apart, the train stopped working, the train fell off, Riley's imagination friend, Bing Bong, Riley's dream boyfriend, the workers, the forgotten memories, the dream..

While Joy and Sadness struggled to go back to the headquarters, Anger, Disgust and Fear did not know how to control things. Riley argued with her parents, screwed up during hockey, booked the ticket back to her old house, stole money from her mu's purse and ran away from home. That caused the personality islands where Joy and Sadness are in, trying to walk back to headquarters, to collapse.

What could happen to Riley? Will Joy and Sadness able to get back to HQ? Will everything be under control? Watch the movie to find out ^^ See what is happening in everyone's head.

Watch the trailer :D

Moral of the story: In order to have happiness, you must have sadness (credit to Ishwari) xD

Rate: 4.5/5

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