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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Breakfast at Padang Tembak canteen

Morning, peeps! I am kind of busy so I don't always have breakfast there until there was once my friend from Sungai Ara came and we went there for breakfast. When she asked me to recommend her what is good there, I blanked out because it was like one or two years ago since I went there although it is just walking distance from home. What was even worst was I don't remember the route there.

It was just then I realised how important it is to get to know your neighbourhood. This morning, I decided to continue my weekly routine, go jogging at the park and then eat at the canteen. So there I was with my aunt. :)

I had 'kuey teow t'hing' with bandung. My aunt had 'wantan mee' and milo ice. At first, I wanted to get the big bowl of 'kuey teow' but luckily I took the small one because I couldn't finish it! The bandung was good, and this is like the first kopitiam that put a lot of milk in it (it give a different taste, it was nice)..

Should try the bandung ^^

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