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Thursday, 11 July 2013


Everyone have their own birth date. If there is someone who don't have birth date, I really don't know what to say..and a lot might be wondering who in the world have the same birth date as theirs. Well, honestly, I never think of meeting someone with the same birth date. This happen like it is already written in the book of my life that we are gonna meet. I realized it when I first entered form 2, the class monitor handed me the class name list, asking me to look for my name and write my IC number. When I was writing it, I found out something. There is a girl whose name is just before mine have the same birth date as me. Wow, it's cool! We are even in the same class, DUDE! The world is so small~ Well.. it is like very funny when it is the day of our birth date. When I met her in school, we were like staring at each other for 3 seconds and at the same time held out out hands and wished each other 'happy birthday'. We laughed after wishing. Well, even if I think back, it is still very funny.. What a joke, huh?

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